In Camera/Executive Sessions

Brown Governance - Canada's leading governance consultants Join Rob DeRooy for our webinar regarding In Camera/Executive Sessions on April 30th, 2014 at 1:00pm EST.

This webinar will provide executives and board members in any sector - private, public or not-for-profit - with a step-by-step process for understanding and dealing with governance and risk matters.

  • The reasons for In-Camera meetings
  • What gets recorded
  • The general policies of in-camera meetings
  • the role of the Corporate Secretary during these meetings

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          Governance & Risk

Brown Governance has released its December newsletter!

What does Hockey have to do With Governance and Risk?

Well for those of us following the NHL lockout it has quite a lot to do with both. As a hockey fan I find myself hoping that the lockout will end soon (but not so soon as to risk losing some of our Canadian Juniors before the World Championships!).

As a business person I look at it a little differently and ask myself why would the NHL risk an entire season of revenues over this dispute? The answer may very well be found in... read more

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          In Camera Sessions

David Brown comments on board that are spending too much time in In Camera or Executive Sessions.

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This principle-based approach is the foundation of our robust and highly effective board of directors governance review and benchmarking systems.


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